Episode 21 Show Notes

The show open was inspired by the guy on the subway shouting, “They got pop smoke!” I had no idea what he was talking about, and kind of assumed he was nuts until a woman said, “Noooooooo!” which made me realize that they were talking about something alien to me. After a little research, I…

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Episode 18 Show Notes

A day after recording Jack’s “Plague 2020” audition, comes this article: Bag of Dead Birds from China Confiscated at US Airport. Which prompted a tweet from a fan: This sounds like some @questionablemat— Mama Gail (@GailTrask) February 11, 2020 Yup! I’ve been to China, and while I have a moderately adventurous palate, some of the…

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#11 – Austrian Bordello, Curious POW George, Disconcerting Elf

Austrian Bordello story. Falling asleep at the wheel story. Massachusetts State Police can be real jerks. Brian helms a blimp and a ferry, and neither ends well. Jack asks Brian to talk about the children’s books he’s written. Jack and Brian discover unclaimed assets for several celebrities, and tell listeners how they can do it….

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