A comedy podcast. With comedy in it.

Questionable Material with Jack & Brian is a fiendishly clever, outrageously funny, mostly improvised, top-quality, entertaining comedy podcast by Brian Sack and Jack Helmuth, who used to have a TV show but now have a podcast like everyone else.

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Latest episodes

57: Doctor Mengele’s Root Beer

56: Happy Eat Food Day

The Law Offices of Sidney Powell and Only Sidney Powell. Katz & Katz. Pilgrim Funnies. Thankful. Eat Food Day explained. Listener mail.

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55: Black Friday Shoppers on Aerosolized Meth

Sponsor Bit: The Arguelles Way

As discussed in Questionable Material #56: The B.S. of A. would produce television commercials for...

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What The B.S. of A. Was

Questionable Material’s listeners are comprised of a variety of people – tall, short, skinny,...

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Review of Buvette Restaurant

"The Tyrion Lannister of restaurants"

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Brian and Stu Burguiere Talk About the Debates

Brian appears on Stu Does America to talk about the first “Presidential” “Debate” of...

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Review of the DDR Museum

The DDR Museum is a celebration of the glorious years of the communist-run German...

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