Questionable Material with Jack & Brian

Questionable Material with Jack & Brian

A Comedy Podcast with Comedy in it.

Brian Sack and Jack Helmuth once had a dark, irreverent and hilarious TV show that was ahead of its time. Now they have a podcast like everyone else.

January 13, 2022x
51:2570.65 MB

Gold, Guns, God, Gas, Gazpacho

Stacy Abrams isn't here. Animal Shelter. Brian won't raise Jack's kids after his murder-suicide. Pheromone studies. What to do amid civil strife. Appeasing the Patton Oswaltistes. Jack reads for CNN: Xenotransplantation, Betty White, Pfizer.

January 06, 2022x
52:0971.7 MB

AOC's Sole Mate

Podcast of a Thousand Stars. Sign Language Lessons. Brian's Quebec adventure with lockdowns and sewage. Getting revenge on thieves. Resentful, resourceful Afghani. New Year's Resolutions. ADHD in action. The down-low on dating AOC.

January 05, 202201:37:27133.9 MB

Great Bits From A Lousy Year - 2021

From a year mostly known for sucking comes a rapidly curated selection of bits that brought joy to our listeners. Undoubtedly other great bits were left behind like Willem Dafoe in Platoon.

December 24, 2021x
54:0674.4 MB

A Miracle on Michigan Avenue

Fact Checkers LLC.; The origin story of Brian’s 20th anniversary; Christmas movies: A Miracle on Michigan Avenue, Blinky the Special Elf, Jussie Smollett Saves Christmas, Muppets - It’s a Wonderful Life; The story behind Christmas classics: Silent Night, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, The Twelve Days of Christmas.

December 16, 2021x
46:1563.58 MB

A Dachshund in Anesthesiology

Record-breaking swimmer. Sadvertising agency. That’s no mistress. How Brian lands the ladies. Equitizing the schools. Jack auditions: The Jussie Smollett Story, Most Trusted Name, Mad Men 2021.

December 09, 2021x
45:4762.92 MB

Essence of Peabo

Bagpipes 102.5FM. Manscaped. Shooting clay pigeons, fugitives, and Dave. A Social Justice Christmas Carol. Brian’s Tree Day family tradition. Jack tries to land sponsors: Roberta’s Delight, Tim’s Tragedy Rags, Clonk. Sponsor: Use checkout code QM to get 20% off your order, and free shipping.

December 02, 2021x
51:3870.94 MB

Keep Crisis in Christmas

Keep Crisis in Christmas. The New Klux Klan. Dogs having a great time until not. Scaffold harvesting with Charlie Sheen. The stories behind Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Clive the Club-footed Caribou and Benny the Rump-Stabbing Elf. Jack tries to land audiobooks: Getting to Mars, A History of Microsoft, Truman: A History. Sponsor: Use checkout code QM to get 20% off your order, and free shipping.