Season 4

December 01, 2022x
43:3959.95 MB

A Fascist Nazi Called Me Hyperbolic

Adagio for Strings. Baking Clinic. Cat tumors and doggie DNA. Advice for a young lady. Audiobook auditions: The Day the Bird Died, Harrison Schmitt Was There Too, The Night Santa Came.

November 11, 2022x
48:1366.22 MB

Oprah Picks The Scab-Forming Boy

Mama Pione's Marinara. Charles from Tech Support. Intimate venues, intimate moments, soiled doorways. Oprah's favorite things. Jack auditions: Who Moved My Cheese?, The Feds, Night At The Bunker.

November 03, 2022x
49:2167.79 MB

Stephen Hawking's House of Pancakes

SHHOP. Brian's back from disaster relief. Go Fund I. Jack Jr. has COVID. Timmy Sykes is Delicious Bill. Ad campaigns for John Fetterman, Ye's Hannukah Village, Trombones, Chipotle. Jack reads for CNN++: Liftoff, Medical Miracle, Stacey Abrams.

October 29, 2022x
39:2254.08 MB

Spice-Laden Sex Club

A Gulgarian expat opens a sexy venue. Brian's back from disaster relief. Halloween costumes. Presidential Baby Team.