star wars

59: Mariah Carey’s Sheep Carcass Cadillac

Everything Star Wars Store. Strange Response Syndrome. Hot Christmas gifts: Milton Bradley’s Tattoo Machine, Cat Warmer, Let Me Take Care Of Your Wife, Chinese Air Purifier, Prince’s Last Words. Brian the Christmas song expert: White Christmas,…

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#14 – Lawless Norway, Iranian Craft Brewery, Star Wars Remake

Hit song. Everything’s better. Perfect banter. Dora the Whiskey Smuggler. Brian found $2000 for Jack’s colleague. Jack’s Bloomin’ Onion. Brian accidentally traumatized Jack’s kids. Yes, Queen? Jack asks Brian about his ad campaigns for Mr. Clean, Coke, Mayo Clinic, Frosted Flakes, Skippy and Charmin. Brian auditions Jack for the latest James Bond, Aquaman II, Game…

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#03 – Muppet Angst, James Bond, Whimsical Bums and J.J. Abrams

A cinema-themed third episode featuring an interview with Star Wars Director J.J. Abrams! But first: Jack has Brian explain the plots of the screenplays he’s apparently written, Brian covers the news everybody missed, and Jack is incredibly impressed by Brian’s James Bond impersonations. 

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