58: Martin and the Olympic Adventure Hole

Baker’s Auto Body. Jack’s going to Cali. Foreign movie titles. Sponsor bits. Vulgar child is lit. Modern Olympics.

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Episode 20 Show Notes

The website we used to determine that there was a Happy Ending Place across from Jack’s regular Pizza Place is rubmaps.ch which is a super classy name. CH is the country code for Switzerland, in case you were wondering. Please let us know if you discover something exciting. The Florida gun range was called High…

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#20 – Massage Parlor Recon, Exciting New Diseases, Kid with Questions

The Masked Candidate. Jack has a disturbing video. Automatic weapons. Florida Man. Stalin’s so predictable. Brian’s son’s birthday. Jack learns the place across from his pizza parlor is a massage parlor. Brian answer’s Jack’s daughter’s questions to the best of his ability: Popcorn, Fixing a rip, Beards, Boys, Bullies, Birthdays, Presents, Visitors. News You Missed:…

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