Review of Haven’s Kitchen

Review of Haven’s Kitchen


My wife thought we should come here and take a class. She believed I would enjoy getting out of the house, drinking wine, chatting with people and cooking things.

The teacher Syd was lovely. She made sure I had wine from the get-go. Very important.

The class was centered around ramps season. Until that time I was unaware there were vegetables called ramps and I certainly didn’t know they had a season.  

Ramps are delicious garlic-like things. You can, I came to learn, make all sorts of amazing dishes with them. I love ramps, and I long for their season to return. That’s not a statement I would have ever made before this class.

The revelations kept coming too: I’ve been using a knife improperly my entire life. Kosher salt is actually dramatically different than regular salt. There is a professional way to pinch salt.

Also, the wine kept coming. Very important.

The class had several women. I remember thinking that if I were single I would take classes here. And download Tinder.

Everyone gets assigned tasks. Chopping things. Stirring things. Mixing things. Separating yolks. We all had purpose in our lives. FOR ONCE.

I was assigned with another guy, Ben, to the Baby Artichoke Fryer task force. Our mission? Cut baby artichokes just right, lightly batter them and give them a little fry.

Ben and I had a good system going. We bonded. Just two manly guys working as a manly team to make artichokes not be raw anymore. Comrades-in-artichokes.

I imagine it’s the same kind of connection a man makes with another man in combat, except your life isn’t on the line because you’re delicately frying vegetables.

In the end, it all came together and we sat down to a big, delicious, socially engaging ramps-infused feast. With wine. Very important.

We’ve since been back for a second class from the Murray’s Cheese people. It was fantastic.

I see there’s a third class on the horizon because my wife and I share not only joint banking accounts but joint iPhone calendars.

That’s love.


From Brian’s review of Haven’s Kitchen on Yelp.

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