Review of Cesar’s Shoe Repair

Review of Cesar’s Shoe Repair


John Varvatos makes stylish shoes that disintegrate because they’re made in China.

When the zipper of my left John Varvatos shoe broke after about a week, my wife said to go to Cesar’s. Since she owns 43,000 pairs of shoes her recommendation carried some weight.

Cesar’s replaced the zipper. You’d never know it wasn’t the original, shoddy, John Varvatos one.

Later, but not much later, the glue on my right sole gave way and my John Varvatos shoe looked like it had a mouth with staples for teeth. I limped back to Cesar’s. He fixed the sole. You’d never know my shoes were poorly assembled by someone whose heart really wasn’t into it.

When the zipper on my right John Varvatos shoe stopped zipping – because apparently it was made with weak tin or pretend metal – I shuffled back to Cesar’s. He replaced it and now I have two functioning zippers on my not-inexpensive, poorly made but stylish John Varvatos shoes!

When the left sole of my John Varvatos shoe peeled apart and it looked like I was walking on a leather castanet, I hobbled my way back to Cesar’s. He immediately recognized me as the guy who paid too much for poorly made shoes that looked nice.

“They look nice,” he said, “but they’re poorly made.”

Nevertheless, for some dollars he made my John Varvatos shoes look like they’d just come off the Varvatos assembly line in a cinder-block factory in Xiangxian, with its fluorescent lighting and dying dreams.

Thanks to Cesar’s I wear my John Varvatos shoes all the time, although I try and stay within a four block radius just in case something falls off or dissolves.

From Brian’s review of Cesar’s Shoe Repair on Yelp.

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