Review of Buvette Restaurant

Review of Buvette Restaurant


The Tyrion Lannister of restaurants – remarkably tiny, but extremely engaging.

We were seated at our adorable table (imagine a frisbee, but with legs). I adjusted my wee fork and wee knife and slid my wee plate aside to accommodate the normal-sized wine bottle and glasses that I knew would be coming. My petite wife and I had ordered a Pomerol to split, and by “split” I mean I would drink 70% of it.

“Where will they put the bottle?” I asked her, sliding closer to the table so as to avoid being bumped into by our excellent, average-sized waiter.

The wine came, and our waiter – clearly well-trained in the art of maximizing table space – managed to clear enough real estate on our Barbie Playhouse-sized table so as to accommodate our human-sized drinks.

For starters, my wife had the leeks in mustard vinaigrette, a classic French dish. I had the beets with horseradish crème fresh. Both were fantastic. My wife is a gourmet cook, and I asked her how Buvette made something as mundane as leeks and beets so amazing.

“It’s what they do, that’s what I love about them,” she said. There was a sparkle in her eyes, and I would have taken her hand — had there been 4-7 inches of table space to accommodate us.

For mains, my wife had the escargot. Unlike the table, the escargots were quite large and, according to her, very delicious. I’d opted for the curry mussels. To accommodate the dearth of table space, the mussels came in a small dish with the frites piled atop them. This made it difficult to access the mussels directly, so I cursed a little bit, as I tend to do. Nothing too vulgar, just a, “Why the hell would they do this?” kind of thing. The frites and mussels were quite good, and I would have had more, but logistically that would be impossible — unless we “pulled a Putin” and took over the neighboring table without so much as a peep from the UN.

For dessert, my wife had the tarte Tatin, an apple pie cooked upside down. I opted for the chocolate mousse. We loved our desserts and shared them with one another, grudgingly. On the waiter’s recommendation we enjoyed them with two glasses of France’s answer to Port, Banyuls. Like Port, it’s served in a small glass. Perfect, should you find yourself dining at a table slightly bigger than a hubcap.

From Brian’s review of Buvette on Yelp.

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