Review of Bar B

Review of Bar B


This is my go-to spot for dining alone, which is what I do when my wife and kids are out of town.

There’s something about standing up and eating alone that is superior to sitting down at a table and eating alone. Probably because there’s not an empty seat across from you announcing to the world that you’re dining alone, inviting gossipy folks to jump to conclusions about you.

Bar B is narrow, like the political mindset of most 18-year olds. Its size means that it fills up easily. There have been many times where I’ve looked in, saw that it was packed, and kept walking. I don’t mind dining alone, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand alone, waiting to eat alone. Nope. I just keep going, walking around the entire block before looking in again to see if space has opened up.

I probably don’t want to know what other patrons have thought after seeing me loop by the restaurant for the eighth time, peering in, looking hopeful, then disappointed, then moving on, only to return six minutes later to do the same thing. Perhaps one of them went home to write a heartfelt screenplay about a man too timid to enter a restaurant. Don’t know. Don’t care, unless John Hamm plays me.

At some point, space frees up and I do go in and order. The service is always good, primarily because the waiter is never more than seven feet away. The food has been consistently delicious. The menu is Italian and small, like Joe Pesci.


From Brian’s review of Bar B on Yelp.

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