53: Clark’s Pet Palace and Bunny Hospice

Savings Riot. Clark’s Pet Palace and Bunny Hospice. Election still underway. Brian’s Chaos Candidate doesn’t even like to be on ballots. 20-sided die diplomacy. Misleading book title. The nuclear football is a baseball. The peaceful transition of copier codes. Advice for Ben, who just got married. Letters from listeners.

Guest: Ben Korman


2 comments on “53: Clark’s Pet Palace and Bunny Hospice

  1. Bearded Wayne says:

    I laughed and laughed when Ben was killed. Sorry, Ben. I re-listened to Episode 1 and didn’t hear the Steve Bannon story. Would you mind telling that story in an upcoming podcast?

    1. QM says:

      We’re looking for the story. If we can’t find it maybe it was not told.

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