Brian and Stu Burguiere Talk About the Debates

Brian appears on Stu Does America to talk about the first “Presidential” “Debate” of the 2020 election.

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The Wine Bar Brian Invested in That Got Suicidally Woke

Here’s the article Brian posted on Medium about the wine bar he invested in, which decided to become incredibly woke and basically run itself out of business.

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Episode 44 Notes

Episode 44 Belarus News Service. Jack going on vacation. Brian sold a house. New book on ferret mating tips. Yo Yo Ma vs. Yo Ma Ma. Brian has a hard time scoring a grant. Back to school for the kids. Marrying off the young ones to make life easier....

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Brian’s interview with Stu Does America

The very pleasant vegan Stu Burguiere of Stu Does America has Brian onto discuss his investment’s brilliant plan to virtue-signal itself out of business.

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Brian and Jack on Andrew Heaton’s Political Orphanage Podcast