Addressing the Threat to Our Way of Life

Addressing the Threat to Our Way of Life

Yes, the climate seems to be going to hell — that intense 16-year old girl really has us in a panic — but we couldn’t help but notice another pressing issue that needs to be addressed now. Before it’s too late.

The world is running out of podcasts.

While Jack and I certainly could “do our part” for climate change by not throwing straws into the ocean for no reason, we began to wonder — what’s the point? Why bother saving the world if in the future our kids don’t have a tremendous diversity of podcasts to choose from? What’s the point of reducing carbon emissions if our grandkids are going to drive their solar-powered hemp vehicles with nothing to listen to?

As I write this, there are only 867 podcasts that could be classified as “true crime” podcasts. That’s criminal. (Pun not intended)

There are only 193 podcasts devoted to the Oxford Comma. 

Only 738 niche history podcasts like “Llamas in Medieval Times” and “Roman Bath House Etiquette.”

And, incredibly, only 12,134 podcasts that self-identify as “comedy.”

So, Jack and I decided to do our part — to make the future better for our grandkids. In order for that to happen, we have to make sure our young kids grow up, meet hotties, have gross sex and make babies. Then, we have to make sure those babies grow up and have podcasts to listen to. That’s where we come in. 

You don’t have to thank us for our service, but please do.

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    Thank you, Jack and Brian!!!

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