Month: November 2020

Sponsor Bit: The Arguelles Way

As discussed in Questionable Material #56: The B.S. of A. would produce television commercials for “under-the-table” sponsors who paid us. The money was saved up and then eventually distributed to the show’s staff in the form of fancy dinners, iPads, or in one case an ill-fated $2,500 bet on black at a Trump Taj Mahal roulette…

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What The B.S. of A. Was

Questionable Material’s listeners are comprised of a variety of people – tall, short, skinny, chubby, left-handed, right-handed, left-wing, right-wing, former fans of The B.S. of A. and people who have absolutely no idea what The B.S. of A. was. Not knowing what The B.S. of A. was is tragic in many, many ways. The B.S….

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