Month: December 2019

Episode 12 Show Notes

I’ve noticed that Jack has brought up the “Princess Diana was murdered” thing a couple times now, so I’m beginning to wonder if he believes that or he’s just joking. I hope joking, but you never know these days. Great having Andrew Heaton on. We’d met years ago at Reason TV where he and my…

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Episode 11 Show Notes

Understandably, listeners don’t always take us seriously, so we have to remind them when we’re being serious. It is true that Brian is addicted to locating unclaimed assets for random people. It’s a thing he started doing and writing about many years ago. He even got a thank you from actress Martha Plimpton after the…

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Episode 10 Show Notes

Jack’s auditions went better than anticipated, so we’ll presumably be doing more of them in the future. Here’s one of the pages from the audition. As Jack mentioned in the podcast, he only had his lines so he didn’t know what any of the responses would be, which was kind of the whole point. We…

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